Lisa Rene DeBenedictis is a media-savvy creative executive with a breadth of experience, spanning Television Writing and Producing, Public Relations (PR), Documentary Production, Political Consulting and New Media. Throughout her career, DeBenedictis has developed a track record of identifying and satisfying the leading edge of popular culture, while delivering content with a consistently humane tone. Her work has influenced both the style and subject matter of contemporary television.

Her accomplishments include a Cable Ace Award nomination, as well as the Prestigious Humanitas Prize and numerous writers guild awards. DeBenedictis’ career has also included the launch of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (including the museum infrastructure, the induction ceremony protocol, and the foundation tenets.) her work has included the Internet world, having launched programming for web portals such as, and She helped to create content for Classical Musicians in Zurich with Adrian Marthaler. She is tireless in attempt to promote the arts and to advocate for fine artists and musicians and for Opera performances and performers.